Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The out of box salesman

The World Is Not Enough For Woman Of Substance

B.you'tiful fashion n Lifestyle magazine
B.you'tiful fashion n Lifestyle magazine

If you are a woman of substance with Bold Nature and Byoutiful Soul, Gorgeous in Looks and Simply Byoutiful at heart and not only passionate about business , but also eyes on art and culture, then a companion has arrived for you with your Facebook account. Today's modern women have out of box thinking. So they need companion who give advice on out of box living styles.

"B.you'tiful fashion n Lifestyle magazine"

It is a magazine which will tickle your senses with photography,beauty,fashions,events,parties,gatherings and upscale lifestyle hobbies.It is a perfect companion to transfer you into a glamorous diva with feet on earth and eyes on sky. It is a "B.you'tiful fashion n Lifestyle magazine" which will  enrich your inner beauty to transform your outer one.You can connect to your companion here:


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Monday, 17 April 2017

The out of box salesman

Principles of Good Web Design-Part 2

Principles of Good Web Design-Part 2

Mobile Apps Are Not Required , If Web Site Design Is Responsive

Out Of Box Responsive Web Design
Responsive web-design of pages

A good web page designer will use % for height and width pixel definitions in layout. It is wise and good design principle to use % relative to main page layout. Also, images can be made responsive using max-width attribute of HTML img tag.

Since now a days display units come in different shapes and sizes including tabs and smart phones, it ensures your main page layout and it’s child elements will adjust automatically on all devices without distorting the layout and look and feel of the page.

It is called responsive designing of web pages and responsive design is one of the main Principles of Good Website Design. It ensures that you design once and use everywhere. If a website is designed in a responsive way properly, it almost eliminates the need of iOS or Android application.Using Responsive Web Site Design principles is the one of the out of box sales ideas to make your development work cost effective by avoiding development expenditure on Mobile Apps.

Creative and the out of box website designers always use "Responsiveness" as their greatest tool for professional work.

In order to find more information, on good web page design follow:

Saturday, 8 April 2017

The out of box salesman

Email never dies

Email never dies

Email Marketing, Mass Email Marketing
Email Never Dies

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