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The out of box salesman

The Core of Website-Content Management System

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The Core of Website-Content Management System


The web development industry has graduated from art of creating website from scratch to using sophisticated content-management approach called as CMS. In the earlier days of web development, websites were designed using HTML/CSS programming and writing code for each and every functionality of web components in VBScript/JavaScript.

Soon various other scripting languages started flourishing like PHP which enabled outputting content in HTML format and were running in web-server environment.

Creating website using content-management system is different than the normal traditional method of website creation where for each and every component of website code has to be written by programmers and designers to integrate with the overall theme of website. It is more or less like implementing ERP with SAP. SAP provides the core-functionality and framework for ERP implementation which can be installed or configured to fulfill any requirement of ERP for any organization.

What is content-management system ?

A content-management system provides a set of modules or components when integrated together can full fill the requirement of completion of website. Generally, in a typical content-management system there are ready-made modules available for configuration,like:

  • User-registration and Login module
  • Menu-management module
  • Article creation and publishing module
  • Control-panel to manage website configuration
  • Theme Registration and Deployment module
  • Analytics module for SEO
  • SEO Management Module
  • Image Management Module
Popular Content-management Systems

Here, we will get familiar with two most popular content-management systems :
Akhilesh Maurya
The out of box salesman


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