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AI in Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

Email acted as the catalyst for "Internet Revolution".

The birth of internet may be credited to invention of Email before four decades.

Internet's 40th birthday :  First email crashes after just two letters received

The birth of email

It is the Email that created the Internet Revolution and gave birth to Digital Age. This revolution is equivalent to invention of steam engine in the 19th Century which made Industrial Age possible.

Email Marketing is the most important strategy of Digital Marketing which is going to rule the Digital Age.In the overall scenario, application of artificial intelligence in marketing and specially Digital Marketing will be the deciding factor for success or failure of any business organization.

Off course, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is gaining popularity, but Email Marketing will always persist and it is better than SEO in many ways. It establishes personal relationship with your target audience or customers and it is not dependent on the mercy of any Search Engine or any company providing the services of Search Engine.

It is not wise for any business organization having online presence to solely dependent on the Search Engine services  for generating Inbound Traffic. The change in the rules and regulations or policy of the Search Engine Service providers may severely affect  the customer base in long run or future.

It is always better to have one to one relationship with each and every customer for any successful business organization, however it may be big or small. This is the strongest point in favor of Email Marketing which is going to survive in new shape and size with new features.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are bringing automation in "Digital Marketing"  with personalized rapport building with customers.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms are going to revolutionize the Email Marketing in the Digital Age. It is going to create a giant leap for Digital Marketing people.

"How AI and Machine Learning algorithms work?" and  "What are the characteristics of the software solutions designed using AI and Machine Learning algorithms?" These questions have been answered very well here:

Artificial Intelligence in E commerce

More resources can be found here to learn about these algorithms:
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

Limitations of Current Email Marketing Methods

Disadvantages of email marketing

Current Email Marketing methods have some peculiar drawbacks:

If is not easy to get new subscribers swiftly or easily. Inbound Marketing which uses SEO techniques help in gathering new subscribers. "Subscription List" is grown cumulatively over a period of time using "Organic Methods".  There are options to buy "Subscription List" from free market which is called "Inorganic Method" of growing subscription base.

The content or of email or newsletter is not personalized. So it rarely appeals to each and every reader or customer and it is hardly opened by all of them. In short, it has less "Open Rate". "Open Rate" is a ratio of the number of emails sent and the number of readers who opened it.

It is difficult to have common time or the best time for higher "Open Rate" as every individual is different and unique. Every individual has got different lifestyle which is based on his/her demographic profile and geographical location. Everybody has distinct "persona".  We can not have a common time to suit every distinct "Customer Persona".  "Customer Persona" is a term to uniquely identify a customer based on his/her country,religion,income,age,educational qualification, work experiences, lifestyle habits , hobbies, expenditure pattern, etc.

The "Delivery Ratio" of  emails sent in bulk quantity  is low. Sometimes it goes to spam folder based on "Subject Line" of the Email. Spam  Filters segregate emails based on commonly used keywords in the subject line which are known to almost all the Email Service Providers.

It is difficult to maintain long term relationship with subscriber or reader as generally content is not emotionally touching and repeatative in nature.

It offers low Click Through Rates (CTR) for the links in the email. If is not easy to quantify or measure ROI of Email Marketing Campaigns from cost benefit point of view.

Common email marketing problems

If you are eager to think deeply on the above problems which every digital marketing personal faces with Email campaigns, you will notice that the problem boils down to that:

So the crux of the problem is:

Email campaign including content or newsletter is not personalized to the customer's mental framework or "Customer Persona". It lacks the personal selling rapport which happens in face to face meeting and sales transaction. So it is very difficult to predict conversion rate of many "Email Marketing" campaigns successfully.

Simple Email Newsletter Design

How AI and Machine Learning Algorithms can help?

Using the AI and Machine Learning techniques , the above pitfalls can be circumvented. The algorithms can classify the online subscribers or online customers as per their "persona". It will be a CPU intensive computing task to gather  information about each and every customer or visitors to the website  and store  this "Customer Persona" in database, but it can be achieved in the following steps:

Step 1:

Installation of tracker code or program on your website to gather customer intelligence or web page visiting habits of the visitors or customers.

This step requires massive custom programming in the website or online store where each and every activity of the customer is recorded. The data of customer browsing habit will be sent to central database usually on cloud platform where "Customer Persona" will be stored as a record in the database with detailed schema having  vast attributes from personal details to lifestyle details and hobbies.

Step 2: 

Creating individual "Customer Persona" " with AI and Machine Learning Algorithms

Step 3: 

Creating Customer Segmentation as per "Customer Persona"

It is necessary to create segmentation in the "Customer Persona" database as generally, it is not feasible to have personalized content for each unique customer. However, there is no hard and fast rule and there is a strong possibility that in the future the content will be generated and targeted for each distinct customer.

There should be balance between fine grained segmentation and coarse segmentation. If there is more fine grained segmentation of "Customer Persona" database, more unique and different content is required.

Step 4: 

Designing Email Campaign as per segmentation and executing it.

This step requires drafting Email content as per the characteristics of  segmentation in which all the customers have been classified. Drafting content will be a creative manual process and in near future it is hard to believe that this task can be automated using AI and Machine Learning.

Step 5: 
Monitoring the campaigns and using analysis data to modify "Customer Persona" and segmentation.

This is the most crucial step in order to algorithms work. It is a kind of feedback loop used by the algorithms
to get insight into the customers and understand them in a better way.  This step will be required to continuously update "Customer Persona" database and keep it intact and current.

What benefits will be derived for Email Marketing? 

The above exercise may give the answers of following questions:
  • What is the best time to send to increase "Open Rates"?
  • Who are the customers who open his/her email account with specific to  the email content delivered?
  • Does personalized product recommendations with customized subject line work?
  • Does personalized product recommendations increase click through rates (CTR) and ultimately sales?
  • Can we get accurate information about cart abandonment rate in online sales?

Can we use AI and Machine Learning techniques without using above algorithms?

Yes up to certain extent.
No because it is time consuming in terms of human effort along with working with common software.

It is possible to use above techniques without AI and Machine Learning algorithms and software. It is possible to implement the above techniques using traditional Email software and  popular Spread Sheet program like Microsoft Excel,etc. But it requires lot of human effort to maintain Customers Data as "Customer Persona". It requires lot of human work to create and maintain segmentation in "Customer Persona" data in the form off groups or communities.

Almost, all popular client Email software offer facility to organize emails into "Folders".  They also offer to search and query emails based on "Filters". It is possible to classify customer emails based on various demographic attributes like:
  • All customers between age 18 to 25  or 40 to 50 or above 60
  • All customers who open email between 8AM to 10AM , during lunch time 1PM to 2PM or               at night after 10PM
  • All customers  who have income in certain range or above certain range
  • All customers who buy in the first week of month, at the last day of month or quarterly , weekly
  • The group of ladies and the group of men... and the classification or segmentation is endless.

We can also term this segmentation or classification as group or communities. We can go on classifying like taxonomy of customer attributes.  We can use Microsoft Excel  sheet also to store the above segmentation or groups.

Now, the tedious tasks like updating the data has to be done every time "Email Campaign" is executed and  feedback report is obtained. Also, human effort in form of judgement , intuition , analysis and trying different strategies is required to determine predicative behavior or next step of the customer which is generally very well handled by AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

AI in email marketing

Email marketing solutions based on AI and Machine Learning algorithms 

Some of the solutions (there are many more...) from the world which use the above techniques and methodologies in less or more degrees:

This software solution provides the complete toolkit to supercharge your email campaigns with AI.
Optimail’s AI explores thousands of strategies automatically to find the strategy that works best for individual customers and segments. This permits us as data scientists the opportunity to take a peek at the data and see which strategies tend to work in general — across campaigns — in order to gain new insight into email campaign optimization.

This solution offers features that automatically tests the subject line and content variations of  auto responding and follow-up emails of various "Email Campaigns" executed. Besides it offers features to check instantly conversion rate, best performing subject lines and contents, delivery ration, list healthiness, engagement rate, open and click rate, world map and more. 

The strong point of this solution is that it uses AI algorithms to write better email content using marketing language than human. The strength of this solution is it's AI algorithms which provide better results from better use of language combined with better statistical analysis.


It is interesting to know that Email gave birth to Internet and  we are standing at the threshold of a new era where automation in day to day life whether personal or business will be dominating factor. It is again the very basic Email which is leading the way.

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Artificial Intelligence In E commerce

Artificial Intelligence For Ecommerce

What is Machine Learning?  What is Artificial Intelligence?  What is Big Data and Data Analysis?

People working in IT industry are bowled with these questions now a days.

Are not computers intelligent enough to do almost all the tasks perceived by human beings? Why is it necessary that machine should learn? Are not our software engineers making them to learn to do any kind of task? Are computers capable of learning?

Massive amount of data is being stored and manipulated on the servers and in the data-centers. Data is being stored to convert it into information by various types of report generating algorithms. So what is Big Data?
What is the need for further analysis of data What is Data Analysis?

I know these questions are lingering as doubts in your mind. In this article , there is trying to clear these doubts in a simple way.

Computers are still the dumbest machines on the earth. That's why they need intelligent software engineers to program them as per the task. They are still incapable to think as human beings. If you write a computer program to join two alphanumeric text e.g. "A" and "B", the output will be "AB". When the program will be given input data as "2" and "4" , the output will be "24". The program does not have capacity to think that it can be a numeric addition (+)  also. There is a possibility of answer (6). If you feed the above program with "CAR" and "TRUCK", the output will be "CARTRUCK". The program
does not have capacity to think and point that "CAR" and "TRUCK" can not be added in the real world.
All the above is based on the assumption that the program is a very basic program. It has been developed to add to alphanumeric text and it does not  have any further problem solving logic built into it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based programs attempt to solve this basic problem of not having intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a term given to a set of programs(based on AI algorithms) that builds intelligence
in the computer programs so that they evolve and learn when they are used with new set of data.So the  responses of such programs change according to time. They keep becoming more accurate as more real world data is given to them.  These programs have capacity of modification of  their rules and problem solving logic for giving responses as new knowledge or data is given to them.  Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a generic term given to such hardware or software or combination of both which demonstrates such capacity. AI based robot is the excellent example of such hardware and software.

Machine Learning is also part of AI , but generally it applies to software components which work with big database of knowledge. It is a subset of AI. Machine Learning programs are capable of learning from the data presented to them by  building realistic data models mimicking the real world.Their output becomes more realistic as big chunk of realistic data of real world problems is fed to them. Here the term Big Data comes into the picture. It is simply a term being used for vast amount of data for a particular domain or knowledge segment like finance, marketing, weather, geographical data,customer queries,etc.

Structure of Artificial Intelligence

What is a difference between a normal non AI program and AI program?

A normal non-AI program can give predetermined answers to a  predetermined set of questions for which it has been designed. Any question out of the set for which it is not designed will not be answered or taken.

An AI based program will treat questions out of set as new knowledge or data and it will modify itself and it's rules. It is called learning. Next time, if the same question is presented, it will give appropriate answer as per what it has learned. So AI programs are like little children. You keep giving them new information and they keep learning day by day. Their answers and responses changes day by day with new knowledge and insight in the direction of highest accuracy.

Differences between non AI and AI based programs or software

Normal non-AI based programs needs to be modified to solve new problems or to tackle new data or information. AI based programs have built-in capacity to change themselves. Rarely any changes in programs are required. Only new knowledge or insight is required to change it.

How E-commerce industry will be impacted?

E-commerce and E-tailing will greatly benefit with Machine Learning and AI. It is the industry where massive amount of data is generated day by day. On-line users or customers for E-commerce companies are highly intelligent and unpredictable in their buying patterns. They do not believe in loyalty. They are price-sensitive and prefer value for money. E-commerce portals do not give personal selling experience to on-line customers like brick and mortar stores. It is this basic lacuna where AI based stores will cater to.

Artificial Intelligence for Websites

Look and feel enhancement of store as individual customer wise

AI based E-commerce stores will have intelligent look and feel or User Interface(UI) design. They will be adaptive  in layout and theme color display. They will change layout and theme as per the taste of customer.
How will the E-commerce portal determine taste and preference of customer on individual basis? The answer lies into their product or service buying habit. If a customer consistently shops for apparel of red and blue colors, he/she is choosing simple designs of apparel with out any fancy items, the customer has preference for simplicity and taste for the above colors.

The layout will be adjusted from simple to complex as per their mouse clicking habit. If a customer is using simple widgets to perform the tasks on the store , it indicates that he/she is not tech savvy. If a customer is using complex features of  the store, it indicates that he/she is tech savvy and AI based store will present advanced features of User Interface or UI to that customer.

All that is possible because AI algorithms will maintain distinct persona of each customer in their database. The distinct persona will consist of demographic information,buying habit,income level,family details,hobbies,passions,dreams and other relevant information. It will be codified as "IF THEN ELSE RULE" in the knowledge base of the store. It will be maintained per customer wise.

Product or service recommendations as individual customer wise

Currently, product recommendations are defined by category manager or catalog manager of E-commerce
companies. It is not individualistic or personalized as per the single customer. So all customers find
same kind of recommendations delivered to them based on their selection of products in the cart.

It will change drastically because of AI algorithms. Recommendations  will be based on the taste of
individual customers and no two customers will be given same recommendations as their choices in the cart
may vary drastically. It is possible because AI algorithms will maintain distinct persona of each customer in their database. The distinct persona will consist of demographic information,buying habit,income level,family details,hobbies,passions,dreams and other relevant information.

Searching of products/services will be customized as individual customer wise

Search results will be filtered as per customer's persona. Many other important factors which will be taken care by AI algorithms while producing search result. Following are the factors which algorithm may consider: 
  • Country from where customer is visiting the online store
  • Date & Time of customer visit
  • Any festivals are being celebrated in the country
  • Any political situation or unrest is going in the country
AI algorithms will produce results based on all the above factors. Example: In India, during festival of light vacation, search will give weight to product/services related to celebrate Diwali festival, if customer is from that region. During Christmas vacation, search will give weight to products/services related to Christmas celebration. Again all the above suggestions will be further customized based on customer's demographic information,income criteria, passions, hobbies and other factors.

Anomaly Detection and Fraud Detection

E-commerce companies generate massive amount of data due to their day to day operations. Following types of data are generated:
  • New customer profiles
  • Order detail of new and old customers
  • Banking Details of new and old customers, credit card, debit card and Net Banking details except sensitive information
  • Addresses and delivery information where geo-graphic data is also part of it.
E-commerce companies  have to deal often with abusive or fraud customers who make excessive or
fraud orders with stolen credit and debit cards or banking details. It is a major source of financial loss and tarnishing of reputation for these companies.

AI algorithms can maintain a common database for fraud detection collectively pulled with member E-commerce companies or E-tailing companies. Just like in INDIA , CIBIL (TransUnion CIBIL) maintains a list of bank defaulters which is a co-operative umbrella  organization for all the banks and financial companies in INDIA.

The above database can use to detect fraud customers or users visiting the website of online store.

Application in Customer Support

On-line customers are made to wait long for resolving queries because of limitation of human resources in customer support or call centers. A significant amount of Operating Expenditure (OPEX) is required to provide desirable lever of customer support and service.

AI algorithms and Machine Learning algorithms are going to reduce that. Intelligent chat bots or software robots will answer phone calls and they will solve the basic problems or queries of the customers. To solve more complex queries or problems, they will escalate the issue to human customer support.

Chat bots and software robots will keep enhancing their knowledge of customer problems day by day as they will interact with more and more customers. Speech recognition and natural language processing via. deep learning will play a major role into this.

Apart from phone calls, intelligent chat bots and software robots will automatically answer phone calls,categorize emails, complain, request for information. They will also provide feedback content to various other departments of the organization.

Adaptive Pricing or Dynamic pricing of products/services

The biggest achievement of AI algorithms for E-commerce or E-tailing companies will be sensing the customer's pocket or capacity to pay. Algorithms will sense the market conditions for a particular product or service based on number of factors like prices offered by competitive companies,season, demand-supply gap for a particular product or service, sales geography and region and future demand. AI algorithms will suggest prices to E-commerce vendors based on the above factors. Also , they will help in maintaining optimum inventory based on market dynamics and demand-supply gap.


AI is a promising technology for E-commerce or E-tailing vendors to create WOW factor in their on-line stores. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

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Magento Is Forever

Magento Dashboard


The Legacy Of  Magento


Magento has become the best free eCommerce platform for business. Check the Gartner report with following link:

Gartner names Magento a "Leader" for Digital Commerce.

There are following solid reasons for that:

It is best open-source software eCommerce platform which can be truly scaled.


Open-source Magento Community Edition (CE) as well as Magento Enterprise Edition  (EE)
are available with differential pricing system.  Magento Community Edition (CE) has been designed as an eCommerce platform with zero cost of ownership for small businesses to begin with. There is virtually no capex needed to deploy it for small and medium enterprises.

If the business grows, the eCommerce portal can be migrated to Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) which comes at substantial amount of capex. Magento 2.0 Version also has been released which has been designed to compete with many other new entrants in the market e.g. Shopify,Woocommerce,etc.

The best answer to question "Is it necessary to move to Magento 2.0 ?" can be found here:

Why You Should Move to Magento 2.0?


Almost all modules are built-in for successfully running an eCommerce company.


Yes, you think of a feature and probably it is already integrated in the core version. Or It may be available as extension or Magento Module somewhere. It has strong ecosystem of Extensions or Magento Modules.
Magento Connect is the standard marketplace for Magento Extensions and Magento Modules.
So the all over the world companies are already working on new features/extensions and Magento Modules
in order to enhance the platform. Companies make healthy profit by developing extensions or modules.
It means platform is growing day by day to tackle new innovative requirements of eCommerce consumers. It creates a positive ecosystem for  developers, eCommerce vendors and eCommerce consumers.

Magento Architecture can be fully scaled technically along with connectivity to other systems. 


It is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern with strong layout and template engine.
It is very easy to create new Magento Modules or Extensions to enhance the features of the platform.
The Magento template engine provides rich set of features for configuring the layout and look and feel of the store as it is built into the core software platform. There are lot of customization features available and flexibility in doing it, if done properly. However, it requires good knowledge of software architecture.

It provides REST and SOAP APIs to interface with other systems which is specifically useful when the store needs to be integrated to merchants,vendors and various service providers like couriers,payments,banks,etc.

Magento Developers are the backbone of success of this platform.

A large number of developer workforce is available working on this platform right from the first version of the product release. Since this platform is available with PHP/MySQL, developers who start career with these skills can be easily migrated to Magento Development with small curve of technical learning. Magento Certification Examinations are available officially from the company in order to ensure quality manpower is available all the times.

Following Magento Certification Examinations are available:

Magento Certified Solution Specialist
Front End Developer Certification
Certified Developer and Developer Plus

SEO optimization features are built-in at product level.

By default, Magento Store is enabled and ready for Inbound Marketing. Each product definition in catalog gives facility to eCommerce Vendor  for definition of keywords for SEO. For this the URL rewriting feature should be enabled for the store. There are options to define HTML Head, Default Title, Default Description, Default Keywords and Default Robots in the administrative section (admin section) of Magento Store at website and store level. Also, there are options for defining Page Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions for each categories of the products. Similarly, for each product defined in the Magento store category can have Meta Title,Meta Keywords and Meta Description written and optimally defined from SEO point of view.

Magento "Search Terms" adds helping hand to SEO features of Magento Store

In catalog section , there are options to define synonym for commonly searched words and terms for a particular Magento Store. It also provides option to redirect to a product URL page based on "Search Terms" and it's synonym words. A great help is provided in SEO because of this unique feature. Adding more synonyms helps users to find what they are searching for on the Magento Store without
SEO keywords being changed by eCommerce Vendors.

Magento Theme Development - You can create or source your own themes.

Theme changing and modification facility for look and feel of Magento Store has responsiveness and customization features built-in. So once developed for desktop, it can be deployed on all kinds of platforms like smart-phones, tabs,laptops,etc. Third party extensions and Magento Modules are available to create native apps for smart phones for the Magento Stores. There is a buzzing market of Magento Themes and many companies earn lucrative profit by developing Magento Themes.

Some of the websites from where free and paid Magento Themes can be procured:

Best selling Magento Themes and Templates 2017
Advance Magento Responsive Template
60 Best Responsive Magento Themes 2017
47 Beautiful Responsive Magento Themes
Magento Themes from Template Monster

Multiple Magento Stores can be configured for one Website.

It allows to run multiple stores from one code base. Running multiple stores from one central administrative account becomes easy. It is a global platform and  has multi-lingual support built into the core software system. So there are no internationalization worries to be taken care of. The whole world is a marketplace for Magento Stores.

Web hosting and Cloud Support

Major website hosting vendors support Magento and offer cloud-based deployment facilities, e.g.

Managed Magento Hosting
Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition
Top 5 Magento Hosting Providers



The most important thing is to work with a platform which is already matured and it is still growing. So it ensures that the platform will also grow in order to cater to new problems related to the business in future.
I strongly suggest to start-up companies and small and medium business enterprises to go for Magento for their eCommerce venture.

We provide complete Magento Store creation and maintenance service.

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Inbound Marketing as Brand Creation Strategy

Inbound Marketing SEO

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is a technique of Digital Marketing to draw customers to your products/services via Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is one of the best out of box marketing strategies for small and medium enterprises. Content about products/services plays a central role here. "Content is King" in this technique. Organizations are required to produce high quality content about their products/services on regular basis in order to make this strategy work.

More information on  "Why Content is King ?" can be found here.

Why Content does play a crucial role?

A good quality content about products/services pulls (read naturally attracts) customers. In Outbound Marketing , generally content is pushed (read forced) to customers. In Inbound Marketing, content is treated as educator,counselor or mentor in customer's mind while making purchasing decision.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

This methodology works when following steps are executed in the order given below:
  1. Attract
  2. Convert or Engage
  3. Close
  4. Delight

1. Attract

It involves attracting the right people at the right time at the right place with the right content. So that targeted people can be engaged as potential customers. The tools involved for doing this are Blogging about your products/services, social media posts, video channels on social media platform (e.g. You tube). SEO and SMM are used to promote your content and make them discovered.  

2. Convert or Engage 

After attracting the right people, it is required to create a meaningful engagement with them so that they can be converted into customers. Newsletter subscriptions, email marketing, SMS marketing and Cold Calling are the few tools used for this step. Cold calling is also very important, if you are a start-up.

3. Close

It involves closing the engagement process into an authentic customer. Here, our traditional sales and marketing strategies coupled with out of box selling ideas might come into picture like cold calls, client visit,demo, negotiation and closing of sell. It depends on the nature of products/services.

4. Delight

This step is concerned with keeping the customer loyal and making him/her buy more and addicted to brand of products/services. E-mail newsletters, loyalty programs, and periodic discounts play an important role in this step.


  • It is one of the low cost methods of Digital Marketing compared to other methods of Brand Creation. You can find more methods of Brand Creation here.   
  • Brand Creation Strategies for Start-up Companies
  • It is slow and time consuming method of Brand Creation.
  • It is ideally suited for start up brands. Though established brands can use these strategies for Brand recalling and keeping customers loyal.

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The World Is Not Enough For Woman Of Substance'tiful fashion n Lifestyle magazine

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"'tiful fashion n Lifestyle magazine"

It is a magazine which will tickle your senses with photography,beauty,fashions,events,parties,gatherings and upscale lifestyle hobbies.It is a perfect companion to transfer you into a glamorous diva with feet on earth and eyes on sky. It is a "'tiful fashion n Lifestyle magazine" which will  enrich your inner beauty to transform your outer one.You can connect to your companion here:

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Principles of Good Web Design-Part 2

Mobile Apps Are Not Required , If Web Site Design Is Responsive

Out Of Box Responsive Web Design

A good web page designer will use % for height and width pixel definitions in layout. It is wise and good design principle to use % relative to main page layout. Also, images can be made responsive using max-width attribute of HTML img tag.

Since now a days display units come in different shapes and sizes including tabs and smart phones, it ensures your main page layout and it’s child elements will adjust automatically on all devices without distorting the layout and look and feel of the page.

It is called responsive designing of web pages and responsive design is one of the main Principles of Good Website Design. It ensures that you design once and use everywhere. If a website is designed in a responsive way properly, it almost eliminates the need of iOS or Android application.Using Responsive Web Site Design principles is the one of the out of box sales ideas to make your development work cost effective by avoiding development expenditure on Mobile Apps.

Creative and the out of box website designers always use "Responsiveness" as their greatest tool for professional work.

In order to find more information, on good web page design follow:

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Email never dies

Email Marketing, Mass Email Marketing

If you want to run these three gears of your on-line business well or you want to buy the above new gears in your business,contact:

We are the best out of box thinkers and web designers in Mumbai.

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The smartphone is not enough

The smartphone is dying

The smartphone is dying

Nothing actually dies in our universe as such.It only gets transformed from one form to another by known and unknown forces of revolution. A silent technological revolution is taking place in smartphone and other computer hardware. The smartphone in it's current form will be virtually dead in next couple of years. It may happen in less than three years.
Smartphones will be replaced by Holographic Computing Devices or HoloPhone(s) having capacity to manipulate Holographic 3D Images in real-time. They will be available in the form of headsets or in the form of wearable eye devices projecting 3D images directly in front of viewer's eyesight.
Some of the devices available in the market  are Microsoft HoloLensOculus Rift , Google Tango and Google Glass. It will make 360 degree shift in the way people are going to interact with the real world. We can term it as HoloPhone.

HoloPhone working with Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality features will change the very basics of computing and man-machine interaction. Touch and click interactions are going to be replaced by gesture and voice.  The concept of two dimensional touch screen monitors would cease to exist soon
and Holograms will become the standard method of displaying data and objects. It is also called as Holographic Projection.

What is Hologram and HoloPhone?

A Hologram is a 3D  realistic or fictional model  of objects of the world. It is projected in front of viewer's eyes in 3D environment on Holographic Device. When projection is such that it is mixed with real world objects and scenes in the 3D world, it is termed as Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality.

If projection is created in such a way that background scenes or environment of projection is created by computer, it is called as Virtual Reality. 

Data and information stored on cloud platforms and controlled by Government and Private Entities will make Holographic Projection of data as standard method of information display and data visualization.

The rise of HoloPorting or Telepresence

(Image courtesy:
The above changes in computing hardware and smartphone hardware will make Telepresence or HoloPorting a reality. We all have seen the movie Avatar where the hero virtually ports himself in the world and environment of "Na'vi" culture in order to mix with them. So that he can experience and feel their way of living.

Yes. HoloPorting or Telepresence will make human beings to live two lives, one with physical body, flash and blood and other with his/her Avatar form. A Holographic Avatar is 3D model of human form programmed with Artificial Intelligence(AI) rules and having differential logic algorithm and other demographic information to give basic interactivity with real world.

Users geographically separated having HoloPhone(s) will be able to communicate without changing
their present locations. Avatars coupled with voice,video and basic interactive intelligence and ability to access data and information on Internet will make Email,Voice calling and Messenger applications redundant in it's present form. Avatars will be equipped with new kind of applications running on Holographic devices like HoloChat, HoloEmail and HoloCall.

A new kind of geographical mapping application may come into development termed as HoloMap. These applications will be equipped with Augmented Reality and Mixed reality features. While driving, users will be able to have their own personal milestones and driving directions marked in mixed world accessible through HoloPhone(s).

HoloPorting and Telepresence will make human life less travel oriented in physical form. Instead of our body travelling at distant locations, it will be wise sometimes to do HoloPorting and Telepresence. It will make life easy for people having physical limitations and disabilities.

Corporate people can travel in Avatar form without physical body movement. It will do lot of saving in travel expenditures for big organizations and hence increasing their bottom-line profit.

HoloSchool(s) will make learning universal without need to go to best schools and colleges located geographically far away. In HoloSchool(s), teachers and students will be able to meet,interact and learn virtually without day to day pain of travelling and living in hostels.

It will change E-commerce and E-tailing domain

HoloPorting will take E-commerce and E-tailing to next level by eliminating the limiting factor experienced  by on-line users. They can  experience the products/services completely while making the on-line purchase in HoloPhone environment. The driving force will be "Use Virtually, Before Buy" as Holographic interaction.

HoloShop(s) will project complete malls and shops to users in HoloPhone environment where they will be able to interact with the products/services in a limited way. E-tailing vendors selling white goods and apparels will have  a new way of giving demo and trials of their products/services to on-line customers. It will be far more real,interactive and informative without damaging the goods.

An Example:

Augmented Reality Enabled Shopify E-tailing and E-commerce platform

Holograms of products will change Media and Advertising business

The quality of content is the key factor in media and advertising industry.Advertising of the products/services will be more focused on creating content with Holograms of products/services. Holograms will be realistic up to an extent, accurate and informative. It will be capable of influencing the purchasing decision of consumer instantaneously.

Holograms of products will demo themselves in self-demo mode. All that is possible because of some basic intelligence programmed into Holograms and their capacity to interact in real-time with the real-world.

An Example:

Holograms in Advertising

What it means to IT people and developer community?

This community need to orient itself to think beyond 2D representation of data and information. Expertise in Machine-learning, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Data analytic and 3D Graphics Algorithms is the key to make all this possible in future. Also,these will be the hottest skills needed in near future.


A world mixed with real and unreal existence is soon coming in front of your eyes.

Key Concepts Explained

Holographic Device
A wearable headset or device capable of projecting 3D Holograms in front of viewer's eyesight responding to gesture and voice commands.

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality
A kind of virtual reality where 3D Holographic Information is merged with the real world information  to create a new mixed world

Virtual Reality
A kind of virtual reality where 3D Holographic Information is presented in it's own virtual world without any connection to real world

A Holographic Device which will offer all features and functionalities of basic Smartphone using Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality technology   

HoloPorting or Telepresence
A feature where Avatar or Holographic models of human and objects will be transmitted to another Holographic Device irrespective of geographical distances

An email created and distributed on the Holographic Device platform in the form of Hologram using
HoloPorting method

A shop available on Holographic Device platform having capacity of  HoloPorting and Telepresence

A meeting point of teachers and students in the form of their Avatars in HoloPhone environment for learning

( All trademarks and brands are acknowledged and they belong to respective companies. The terms HoloPorting, HoloPhone, HoloMail, HoloShop and HoloSchool  are the result of authors imagination. They may or may not be defined previously. It is duly acknowledged by author.) 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

From HoloLens With Love

From HoloLens With LoveLove Symbol From The out of box saleman

I just turned the key in left direction of my recently purchased apartment.
And the hollow view of my empty apartment was in front of me. Luckily Riya, my close friend was with me.

She is a bubbly techno savvy Interior Designer with quest for experimentation.She keeps trying new methodologies to make her job exciting and easy.Now a days , she is always with a new bulky helmet like device which she calls her as assistant.

"Hey Riya, what's up? Did I make right decision investing all most all savings in this? " I made a scary face on her.

"I am not investment guru to advice on this." She chucked. "But I know you have shoe-string budget for interiors." She gave me looks.

"You see. In most designing projects people get disillusioned. Once ideas solidify into realty , people start seeing greener grass somewhere else." "Oh  really." I was surprised.

"People have their own gestalts. Perceptions mixed with emotions are difficult to handle in our profession." Her eyes widened. "Indeed you are in a tough profession. But all creative professions are tough." I reacted.

"There are endless possibilities of ideas, I am talking about. Dealing with varying taste of people takes toll on me." She fired.

"Yes. Everybody has it's own gestalt. It is nothing, but the way of looking at things." I simplified it. "Is this new device which you carry as assistant made your life simple? " I bluntly asked.

"Very much." Riya giggled. "How?" I became excited.

I know your taste in colors,fabrics and materials. She just started. Even I know what kind of furniture you like? After all , I am one of your closest buddies. I know which light makes you ecstatic and happy. And which does make you gloomy? You like plain smooth textures with bright colors. Needless to say you have eyes for curves. You swear by the rule that simplicity is the ultimate beauty.You are lover of plants and in-house gardens specially with flowers like Tulips and Jasmine. You also like African Violet and Golden Pothos. Aquariums with Gold fish in scuba diving kind of environment makes you nuts.You like electronics with sleek design black borders.

I started laughing and she continued. "You can not leave bed without sunlight and cappuccino coffee."

"You know quite intimate stuff. Does your so called assistant knows me so intimately?" I asked.

"Yeah. I have trained it. Kind of." She giggled. "I have fed it with 3D wire frame drawing of your apartment which I got from architect."

"Take this headset and wear it.", She gave me a bulky helmet like device. "What is it ?"

"It is HoloLens created by Microsoft. The assistant resides in it." She explained.

"You like to sleep in jockey in large size bed with fully covered blanket."

The very next moment, my eyes were covered with the headset and I was able to see only green lines in my apartment. They were imposed on the apartment representing wall,ceiling and window boundaries.

"I am able to see you. Plus these green lines." I exclaimed. "Do you see the same?"

"Nope. I am not wearing it." She said.

"So what next?" I asked. "Let us complete your task of interiors. Are you able to see ATM like Kiosk in front of you ?" She questioned.

"Oh yes. From where did it come in my apartment ? It was not there." I shouted.

"Relax.That is my assistant. It is inside the HoloLens and it is virtual 3D Model. This is called Mixed Reality." She explained.

"Seeing those objects virtually which are not present in the real world." Her explanation reminded me of Pokemon Go and my fanatic desire to catch those Pokemon s everywhere. I had experienced the game.

"My assistant is intelligent and easy to operate." She said. "Just select your options by touching and tap with finger. You can rotate your head left,right, up and down to see the panoramic view. You can walk anywhere to see the result.You will find assistant always present here, if you come here."

"Oh interesting. So how do I begin ?" I asked.

Let us start with flooring.She pointed on assistant and told me to select flooring option. I touched flooring and tapped. Wooden, marbles,carpets and there were many sub-options.I selected Italian marble and tapped. My apartment was covered with Italian marbles.The rough concrete texture just vanished.

"Wow. My jaws dropped.", I jumped with ecstasy. "Hang on." She prevented. " Let us go with wall colors."

I selected magenta color and tapped and instantly my apartment walls including ceilings were painted with magenta. "Hey, I want to feel the colors in light". I shouted.

"Just select the light and color and tap." She giggled. Immediately 3d Models of LED light fixtures popped up in front of me and I pushed them to ceilings. I re positioned them everywhere to distribute the intensity. I like white milky light.

"Can I place tattoos on my walls ?" I asked. "Oh yes." She said."There is whole range of stickers and artifacts available with the assistant. Go ahead and position as you wish."

I placed superman and batman drawings on children bedroom and installed watches in every room. I positioned some fancy decorative items in every room. 

"Does it contain 3D models of objects as per your programming? It has got vast number of designing items as 3D models." I asked.

"Yes. It needs to be fed with 3D real life models of interior items. Alternatively, it can access a 3d Model library on internet." She giggled. "So your creativity has no limit."

"I have to go to each room to see result and come back here to assistant again and again." I said.

"No need. Just first install LED TVs in your rooms as you are going to have everywhere in reality." She said.
I selected and tapped and installed LED TV sets in each room. I started TV in dining room watched a news channel to check, if it is working. The sleek black border TV set mounted on wall was looking nice in each room.

"So how to carry assistant everywhere ? That was your problem." She asked. "Just lift assistant with both hands and shove it into the TV set." She giggled.

I did the same. Assistant vanished and it was visible on TV screen.

"Let us complete the decorating task one by one." She said in a motivational tone. "Start by bedroom."

We moved to bedroom. I touched assistant on the TV channel and selected bedroom options. Installed king size bed of teak wood,matching mattresses and curtains on the french windows. Selected some sundry furniture for bedroom from 3D models and completed it. Installed some plants of flowers as my favorites.

We quickly moved to rest room. Installed shower ,electric geyser and necessary hardware fittings. Took a bath in shower and saw the sprinkles of water.

We completed the task by installing modular kitchen set with chimney in the kitchen and sofa sets in dining hall. Installed a good looking aquarium having golden fish with blue lights. Checked burning of gas and smoke flow direction.

We came to dining hall and I tried to take seat on sofa. And I hit the concrete floor and the rough texture was in friction with my palm. She quickly laughed giving me helping hand to get up.

"Hey look. It is still unreal. We need to make it real by installing physical items what you have perceived and felt.". She said. "Oh yes.Damn with your unreal world." I said.

I quickly removed HoloLens from my head and hollow concrete walls and floors and ceilings were staring at me with their rough textures.

"Do not worry. Your. design and preferences have been saved on my website." I will physically order all the items to make it real. She was ecstatic now.

I nodded and said that it is final.

"Can I access the same design again in future after it has become reality ?" I asked.

"Oh yes. You can.Whenever you want to experiment with furniture,colors,curtains,artifacts,flooring,plants and fishes and lights and with other stuff." She giggled. "Change it in Unreal World from internet and let me know." She said. "I will make it real." She asserted.

We quickly left the apartment towards our car parking.

Monday, 13 February 2017

New trends in Digital Marketing

New Digital Marketing trends for 2017

Digital Marketing offers active engagement with consumers.

As we are living a digital life, sales and marketing has been considerably enhanced with digital media. New age requires out of box sales and marketing strategies. Social Media Platforms (Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter, Whats App, YouTube, etc.) have shaped the Digital Marketing era. Digital marketing is currently ruling among the best ideas for out of box marketing.It provides interactive platforms to have meaningful engagement with consumers. Contrary to that SMS Marketing, Email Marketing and other traditional media platforms like TV, Radio and Print Media provide passive engagement experience with consumers.


New Digital Marketing trends which will rule the decade.

Smartphone Based Contextual Advertising
Smartphone Apps will provide larger platforms for Contextual Advertising based on Consumer’s Demographic Profile. In fact, normal Apps or Gaming Apps will be created or sponsored by large brands or media houses solely to promote products or services. This is also termed as Gamification of Brand or Gamification of Products.

Messenger Based Contextual Advertising
Whats App or any other Messenger App(s) may come with new versions which will analyze keywords in the chats of users based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms. It may create a demographic profile of user termed as “Persona” or “Personality” or “Avatar”. It will decide likes or dislikes of the user based on “Persona” or “Avatar” and provide Contextual Advertisements based on that.

Smartphone Games as Digital Signage Screens
Digital Signage Screens or Digital Billboards will be embedded in the gaming Apps like car racing, war games or any other multi-player games where player’s data or session information is stored on central server. These Digital Signage Screens or Digital Billboards will stream video advertisements from the central server based on “Avatar” or “Persona” of the game players. It will be possible to do Eyeball Analysis or Footfall Analysis for advertisements as all data is stored on Central Server in the game play environment.
Digital Banners or Audio/Video playback in the Apps will be common as methodology of Brand Recall for products/services.

Since reach of Smartphones will be huge, we may compare it with the analogy of reaching electricity to common people. Smartphones will be as common as Electricity. It will be possible to do Contextual Advertising based on consumer’s age, gender, education and other demographic parameters. With the rise of Big Data and other technologies for Business Intelligence, Contextual Advertisements will be targeted to desired consumer group. It will be very cost effective also as far as marketing expenditure is considered.

Beyond Video – Holograms as Interactive Advertisements
The Out Of Home (OOH) media will be dominated by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. You can get some ideas of what kind of applications can be developed with Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality HERE
Currently, out of home media or Digital Signage Networks provide video based content. Emerging new Holographic Hardware and Devices for Virtual and Augmented Reality will serve content as Holograms or Interactive Videos where consumer will interact with advertisements in real-time in the form of Holograms. It will help consumers to get better understanding of Products/Services. Some of the hardware or devices emerging in this field are as given below:
  1. Oculus Vision – A Virtual Reality platform
  2. Microsoft HoloLens – An Augmented Reality Platform
  3. Google Glass – A Virtual Reality Platform
Change in Social Media Platform
Two distinct kind of social media platforms will emerge. One platform may be for business or professional networking e.g. LinkedIn, various Job Portals, etc. Another one may be for community networking like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Currently, there is no clear demarcation between the two as both overlap the functionalities of each other. Sooner or later they will align to their core competencies as the major revenue for them is Contextual Advertising. It is the core of their Business Model. Demarcation will help them to target right kind of advertisers easily.

Role of Internet of Things (IoT) in advertising

New kind of hardware devices may emerge which will be connected to Internet and information savvy e.g.
  1. Wearable Watches,
  2. Wearable Medical Devices to monitor body functions
Some devices will collect personal information and will send to our Social Media Profile to be used by advertisers. Our existing home appliances will be IoT enabled. Suddenly our LED TV will become smarter. Since it will be connected to Internet, it will have access to vast information available on Internet plus our Social Media Profiles. So it will provide another Contextual Advertising platform for Advertisers. Some devices will provide Contextual Advertising platform like Refrigerators or Washing Machines.


Anything which is of digital nature and has ability to communicate on Internet may be a potential media platform. The above will be some of the out of box marketing and advertising ideas.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Display real time data from serial port in web page with node.js

Serial Port and node.js

Reading data from serial port with node.js and display it in web-page in real-time Please find the step by step tutorial here: