Saturday, 30 April 2011

Website launched without good SEO optimization - Lonely peacock dancing alone in the forest

There is saying that a peacock danced in the forest, but did anybody watch it ?
My friends , internet is a big forest. A very very big forest. To be noticed, in this big forest
we should not be lonely peacock dancing alone.

Why a dynamic website is important for business?

An internet website which does not pull relevant customers to its owner's business is as good as an advertisement published in a newspaper which nobody notices it.
The number of internet websites have grown in a number exponentially , and to an intelligent customer looking for relevant products or services, now there are lot
of options available offered by competitors

Visibility in Search Engine

If your website is not visible from 1st to 2nd page while searching for relevant keywords on Google Search Engine, then it is not doing it's job properly to attract new
customers. Internet surfer's rarely look beyond 2nd page while searching for any products or services.
Since many options are offered by competitors within 1st and 2nd page, they are psychologically compelled to choose among them.

Akhilesh Maurya